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Author: Amanda T

General Elections 2020 (GE 2020)

General Elections 2020 (GE 2020) Despite Covid-19, it has not stopped the General Elections from happening. General Elections 2020 is going to be a close fight in many districts. As Covid-19 is still very much present in Singapore, the fight during elections has been placed on another group, social media. Social media will play a […]

Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWO)

Voluntary Welfare Organisations Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWO) are non-profit organisations. These organisations exist to provide welfare services that will benefit the community at large. In Singapore, there are many VWOs available to assist you in any problems that you may have. For example, if you are looking for organisations to help animals, there is Animal […]

Updates on KBB Credit Operating Hours

Easing up of restrictions in Singapore On June 2, Singapore government will be allowing Phase 1 of companies to start operating again. KBB Credit SD Pte Ltd is one of these companies. We are ready to assist people and businesses that are in need of money. Please note the following We will be resuming normal […]

Covid 19

Covid 19 Right now, Singapore is plagued by Covid 19. Not only has Covid 19 affected our work, it has also affected our daily life. Due to the increasing number of cases every day in Singapore, the government has decided to put us on a circuit breaker. The circuit breaker is in place to help […]

Licensed Money Lender vs Loan Sharks

In recent months, we hear an increase in illegal money lending activities. These people or groups are commonly referred to as loansharks. How do you know if they are a loan shark? Loansharks commonly will contact you via the following methods: Cold calling SMS Whatsapp The reason as to why they choose these methods is […]

Retirement Plans in Singapore

Ageing is inevitable. Once it catches up, it means retiring from your job. However, bills keep coming. You got to pay for your food, transport, healthcare and some clear the outstanding mortgage. Do you have a retirement plan? When is the best time to start? Where is your money safest? Is there any risk with […]

Investing in Stocks

What is a stock? A stock is a measure of value constituted from a corporation after its liabilities are deducted from its assets. Therefore, a single share is a portion of the value of the corporation rendered to a shareholder. There are two types of stocks: 1.     Common stock Common stocks are the type of […]

Personal Finance Budgeting

Budgeting your finances is a healthy practice of managing your resources. It enables you to keep track of what you have after spending it more frequently than usual. It also gives you a clear view of your equity after you have omitted your liabilities such as debts. Moreover, budgeting is essential for future planning, assisting […]

Investing in Mutual Funds

Have you ever considered investing in mutual funds? It is speculated that the earliest form of mutual funds emanated in the 19th century. The modern mutual funds, funds we use to date, emanated in the early 1920’s with the Massachusetts Investors’ Trust in Boston being the recognized pioneers. From then till now, mutual funds have […]