Bedok Moneylender

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Bedok Moneylender

Bedok is a mature planning area in eastern Singapore. It is the quintessential neighborhood of the sort that east-siders prize. Bedok is located on the East-West Line and easily accessible to our office.

Our office is located on the East-West Line as well. Allowing you to reach us in 20 minutes or less.

In any event that you may need cash for unexpected expenses we can help you with that! KBB Credit SD Pte Ltd has been providing loans to people and business for more than 10 years.

How Personality Affects Financial Planning and Investment Decision Making


Investors try new thoughts as well as premiums. Bold individuals are slanted to settle on financial plans as well as investment choices that include new encounters.  financial specialists with an audacious soul will pick thoughts or adventures that line up with their interests.


Transparency includes interest and the need to know a perspective that can impact financial as well as investment choices. Investors have a mission for information. They will thoroughly inquire about until they get adequate data.  individuals are curious because they need to know as much as they can. Free individuals are wise and educated because they appreciate finding out about new ventures. Financial specialists who are available to learning are fruitful in their undertakings and work — such people like getting ready for their future and function admirably with their financial organizers.


Investors are keen on individuals with shared characteristics, yet they are likewise intrigued with life past the monotonous routine. Such people effectively adjust to new conditions and pick exceptional investment thoughts. They adapt to change and think of it as a chance to find out about new ventures. Investors with receptiveness flourish in putting resources into global companies that grow to new regions and have new encounters past our fringes.

If you are looking for a licensed moneylender near Bedok, give us a shot! We are approved by Ministry of Law to operate as a license money lender. KBB Credit SD Pte Ltd, previously known as KBB Credit, has been operating since 2010.

We provide customize plans for our customers. We provide a range of interest rates and repayment terms for each and every one of our customers.

Feel free to drop by our office at 111 North Bridge Road #01-35 Peninsula Plaza Singapore 179098. Call us at +65 6255 6998 if you have any doubt. We will be able to answer any questions that you may have or send your queries to