Best Browser Extensions to Save Money While Online Shopping

Best Browser Extensions to Save Money While Online Shopping

Who doesn’t like online shopping? You get brilliant offers and prices, doorstep delivery, and hassle-free shopping experience. This, along with the wide variety of products that rarely go out of stock, has made online shopping the go-to choice for Singaporean shoppers. And with so many eCommerce platforms, Singapore has become an attractive market for online shopping. 

Despite such offers and discounts, an average Singaporean spends close to a thousand dollars while shopping online. But did you know that you can save even more money while doing so? There are a few ways of saving money online, from using promo codes and vouchers, to earning cashback. Still, this can be time-consuming and difficult. Instead, what you can do is install browser extensions to do all the discount hunting for you. 


What are Browser Extensions? 

Browser extensions are basically small softwares that get installed on your browser itself. They are lightweight and almost always free to use. They do a variety of things from modifying the UI, blocking ads, managing cookies, and they run on most browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and other Chrome-based browsers like Microsoft Edge. And in recent years, many extensions have come up that can help you save a lot of money while shopping online. These extensions can run an array of automated services from comparing and tracking prices, to mining vouchers and discount coupons. Some even offer cashback on purchases. Hence, here are some of the best browser extensions that you can install on your browser to help you save money. 

AliPrice Price Tracker 

A browser extension offered by AliPrice, this extension compares the prices of the product you are looking for on various platforms like Amazon, AliExpress, Gearbest, Banggood, JoyBuy, and Lazada. If you shortlist a product, it tracks the price on these platforms too. It allows you to check the price history, and it notifies you when the cost of the product drops on any of the platforms while avoiding false discounts that many online platforms are notorious for. 

Since this is an extension offered by AliPrice, it has some extra benefits for AliExpress. Here, it finds the same products for a better price on AliExpress, and it also helps you analyze the seller’s ratings and history, helping you pick the best product at the best price from a reliable seller. 


Honey is probably the most popular browser extension, and it was recently acquired by PayPal for US$4 billion. It is a free browser extension that helps you save money on your purchases on Amazon. When you are looking for products, it lets you find the best deals, while also tracking the prices of the product for you. And once you go to checkout, it scans the internet for any applicable promo codes and applies it automatically. For some products, Honey can also help you figure out the best time to purchase the product on Amazon. Another popular feature is that if you add a product to the Favourite section, then the Honey alerts you when it goes on sale.  


Another similar browser extension to Honey is RateX. This is perfect for those who want to support a local startup instead of a PayPal owned extension. This extension, too, automatically searches for promo codes and applies it while checking out. However, what sets this extension apart from Honey is that you can use this extension for over 100+ online stores. Additionally, this extension also converts foreign currency into SGD on international platforms, helping you avoid the hidden costs of online shopping with high foreign transaction fees and poor exchange rates. 


ShopBack Button 

Offered by ShopBack, this extension is known for its cashback feature for online shoppers. This extension runs on over 500+ online stores, including Expedia, ASOS,, Qoo10, iHerb, etc. When you shop online using this extension, it activates cashback automatically on eligible products, and it also applies promo codes to the products automatically during checkout, if it finds any. This is a great extension that helps you save money both before and after the purchase! 


Shopee Price Tracker 

Shopee Price Tracker is specifically for Shopee fans. This extension lets you access the price history of the product, and if you Favourite the product on the extension, it also notifies you when there is any significant price drop in the future. This is great for purchasing those products that you want, but don’t need immediately.  

How to Install Extensions? 

Since extensions are not popularly known softwares, you might think installing them is difficult. But on the contrary, it is quite easy. You don’t need to know any technicalities of the computer. Though, to run these extensions, you need the right kind of browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. 

Installing Extensions on Chrome 

Google Chrome is the most used internet browser in Singapore, hence, downloading extensions for it is relatively simple. First, you need to open the browser and then go to the Chrome Web Store. Sometimes, the web store can be accessed from the home page itself, depending on your browser settings. Once the web store opens, you then need to search for the desired extension using the search bar on the top right corner. After searching, you will see a list of various extensions. Choose the right extension from them, and it will take you to the extension page. There, select Add to Chrome. Then, a confirmation box will appear, there, select Add Extension. The extension will be installed in a couple of minutes. 

Installing Extension on Firefox 

Mozilla Firefox has a slightly different way of installing extensions. Here, open the browser and then open the Setting section denoted by the three stacked dashes in the top right corner. A small tray will open, and you need to click on Add-Ons. This will take you to the extensions page, where you have to use the search bar to look for the desired extension. Then, select the right extension and hit Install. The extension will take a couple of minutes to get installed on the browser. 

Browser extensions are a great way to save a lot of money during online shopping, and you can choose whichever extension works best for you, and for your preferred platform. But do note that you only install verified and well-rated extensions, otherwise you run the risk of identity-theft from scammers. Happy shopping! 



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