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Changi Business Park

Changi Business Park is a business park located in Changi South, in the eastern part of Singapore. In any event, trap in the financial issue just approaches

There are however no license or legal lenders in Changi Business Park. if you do not travelling a short distance, you will be able to reach our office.

KBB Credit SD Pte Ltd

KBB Credit SD Pte Ltd, previously known as KBB Credit, is a licensed money lender. We provide personal loans to people and business loans to SMEs. You can check out our google reviews to find out why so many people and businesses turn to us for assistance when they are in need of money.

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We have also added a short paragraph on why investing is good.

Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) 101
Why is Investing in ETFs Good?

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Investment Diversification

You must have heard that you must diversify your investments, i.e. invest in different types of financial facilities. This purpose is automatically solved when you invest in exchange-traded funds. ETFs automatically make diversified investments into several underlying assets on your behalf. In other words, an ETF investment spreads your risk by investing in broad-based indexes.

Stock-like Trading

As mentioned above, ETFs trade like stocks. Just like stocks or equities, ETFs can be purchased on margin and sold short. They can be traded at a price that is updated throughout the day. You can also quickly look up the approximate daily change of a commodity or sector. This provides added flexibility to your trading and investment pattern when compared to other managed funds.

Fewer Tax Implications

ETFs, enjoy a more favorable tax treatment than mutual funds due to their unique structure. Singapore ETFs are tax-efficient. Most of their tax on capital gains is paid on sale and completely up to you (investor). If you trade large volumes, you will receive in-kind redemptions at times, which allow you to redeem shares of the stocks that an ETF tracks, thus minimizing tax implications.