Covid 19

Right now, Singapore is plagued by Covid 19. Not only has Covid 19 affected our work, it has also affected our daily life.

Due to the increasing number of cases every day in Singapore, the government has decided to put us on a circuit breaker. The circuit breaker is in place to help prevent the spread of Covid 19. Despite having a circuit breaker, there is still a small percentage of Singaporeans violating the law.

When should you be out?

The law has specified that we should only be out for essential items. For example, grocery shopping or tending to elderly. Always remember to wear a mask when you are out of the house. If you are taking public transport, please always ensure that you are wearing a mask. There is a new law right now, requiring everyone on public transport to be using a mask. Please note that this will continue even after the circuit breaker is over.

Only touch what you need in the supermarket. Do not touch every single item and fruit as this may contaminate the items. You may not be sick, but you never know who last touched it.

If you find the need to exercise, please check how crowded malls/parks are before going. You can find the information you need on the following sites:


When you are out exercising, please ensure that you keep a safe distance from everyone. By keeping a safe distance, you are keeping not only yourself but the people around you safe as well.

If there are many people in the park right now, please go to another park or simply exercise another day. You do not want to be bringing the virus back home to your family members.

Problems faced during Covid 19

You may end up facing many problems during Covid 19. If you company has put you on no pay leave, you may have problems with your bills. Banks may be chasing you for your monthly repayments, daily bills waiting for you to pay.

Thankfully, our government has come up with a package to help Singaporeans. We will be receiving a one time payout depending on income. In addition to that, the government will also be helping us retain our salary at 75% for the month of April.

If you are still facing problems with loan repayments, with banks, here are some things you can try.

  1.  Approach your bank to negotiate.
  2. Turn to your MP for assistance.

Another area that you may face problems is licensed money lenders. If you currently have loans with money lenders, you will be faced with another problem to solve.

Here are some solutions that you may wish to explore:

  1. Approach Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) to negotiate with the licensed money lender.
  2. Talk to the money lender yourself to restructure.
  3. Approach Credit Association of Singapore (CAS) for assistance.
  4. Apply for a debt consolidation loan.

Last of all, wishing everyone the best of health and stay safe!

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