General Elections 2020 (GE 2020)

General Elections 2020 (GE 2020)

Despite Covid-19, it has not stopped the General Elections from happening. General Elections 2020 is going to be a close fight in many districts.

As Covid-19 is still very much present in Singapore, the fight during elections has been placed on another group, social media. Social media will play a very big role in the elections this time round. Especially with no rallies to be held, social media is very important in spreading the information to the public.

Will people who are not technologically savvy be able to get the information that they require? Will the parties be able to spread their message?

Live Debate

Jamus Lim from Workers’ Party won over the internet during his english live debate with all the other political parties. He was not thrown off course despite the tough arguments going on. After the debate, you know that he is now in the limelight.

It seems like Workers’ Party will not only be able to keep their favourite district, they may also be on their way to winning more!

Ong Ye Kung from People’s Action Party on the other hand, handled the chinese live debate effortlessly. He was able to display a good command of Chinese and was able to engage the viewers. However, the traction for the Chinese debate was not as high as the English debate.

One of the most noticeable things was that Workers’ Party did not send a representative for the chinese debate.

If you miss the debate, you can find out more about it here.

Which Party do You Support?

Every party has come up and distributed their manifesto. In order to make an unbiased decision, it will be good to read up on every manifesto. This way, you will be able to see what each party is trying to do for you and our country.

It is easy to be swayed by opinions of family, friends and even the public. However, the decision that you make should be made based on what you feel is right.

You can also volunteer to help the party of your choice. Every party is looking for volunteers to help them with their plans. If you are volunteering to be a polling agent, please remember to take all necessary precautions. If you are feeling unwell on that day, please inform the necessary people and stay home. This is a much better way for you and everyone that is voting.

Information about Political Parties

To find out more about each political party, you can refer to the following:

  1. People’s Action Party – FacebookTwitterInstagramWebsite
  2. The Workers’ Party – FacebookTwitterInstagramWebsite
  3. Singapore Democratic Party – FacebookTwitterInstagramWebsite
  4. Singapore People’s Party – FacebookTwitterInstagram
  5. Reform Party – FacebookTwitterWebsite
  6. Red Dot United – FacebookTwitterInstagram

Voting is Compulsory

Whichever party that you support, remember that voting is compulsory! As such, please refer to your voting cards to see the time allocated to you for voting.

Due to Covid-19, there are now time slots to ensure that there is no overcrowding of people coming to vote. Remember to keep your distance at the polling stations. This is for your and everyone’s safety.

One thing is clear about the General Elections of 2020 is that it is going to be a tough and exciting fight between all political parties!

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