How To Lower Your Utility Bills Every Month

Every household runs on basic utilities including electricity, gas, and water. High demand for these resources categorizes them as high-cost commodities. This makes it important for you to pay more attention to managing the bills accurately. Whether you’re starting a new job or you’re living independently, cut down on the increasing costs. Read to know the various ways you can implement cost-efficient and budgeting methods to lower the utility bills.

Aircon Consumption

Singapore’s National Environment Agency estimates that 40% of the electricity bill accounts for your air-conditioner’s consumption in an average household. The best way to monitor this energy consumption is by switching on the air-conditioner for a designated amount of time. Follow that by switching on the fan to evenly distribute the cool air in the entire room. You can cool your room at a low cost! Keep the curtains or blinds closed during the hottest part of the day to prevent the room from heating up. This should especially be done for the west-facing room. Try this for a month and see reduced cost results in no time.

Full Loaded Washer

How many times in a day do you make use of the washer? To switch to a cost-efficient method, reduce the number of times you wash clothes in a week. This would also increase the water efficiency of your washing machine. Choose a large capacity washer to accommodate your required capacity. It is ideal to fill the washer at only three-quarters of the machine at the most. Switch to cold water washing rather than warm water for energy saving. After the wash, a better choice is to use the air drying technique to dry the clothes rather than machine drying.

Frequency of Mopping Floors

You don’t necessarily need to mop the floors of your house daily. Do it as much as required only. That being said, you can switch to using a magic mop which doesn’t water regularly to dust your house. Use water to mop on only a limited number of days a week. You can even save any extra water collected during your bath and reuse it for washing toilets, watering plants or mopping the floors.

LED Lights

If you are still using incandescent bulbs at home, it is time you switch to LED lights. These lights are energy-efficient and are brighter in comparison. Pick energy-saving fluorescent and conventional lightings that have energy ratings on them. These bulbs are proven to consume 75% less energy and they can last for 25 times longer.

Solar Panels

You can set up solar panels in your house for energy saving. During the day, you can harvest solar energy into power banks. These can then be used whenever required. You can also invest in appliances that require solar energy to run it. Your smart investments could save you time and energy.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Switching to revamping your home appliances is another option. Although this may be a slightly expensive feat, the low energy consumed over time can prove beneficial. This change could add up eventually to substantially reduce your costs and be a cost-saving alternative.

Refrigerator Usage

Keeping the refrigerator door closed at all times to save energy is a given. Other than that, you can keep your fridge stocked up at all times. This regulates an even flow of temperature throughout the fridge. If not food, you can fill bottles of water to take up the empty spaces. However, make sure to leave enough space around the fridge for continuous heat dispersion. A blockage in the dispersion of heat across the fridge’s room can cause higher amounts of electricity to be consumed. Keep your refrigerator habits in check for energy saving.

Turn Off Appliances

An easy fix to lowering your utility bills is turning off the appliances at night. This would include computers, TV and the WiFi router as well. If you are habituated to leave the devices on standby mode, it is probably consuming more energy than usual. Rather, switch off these appliances from its power socket. You can prevent wastage of energy when the devices are at rest.

Servicing Regularly

Service your appliances every 3 months. This will ensure that they function better and be energy efficient. You can even notice any device damage quicker and replace it with cost-effective alternatives.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors in your house would turn on or off lights automatically. You can save energy and cut down the charges on your bill as well. Some sensors may require you to turn on manually and turn off automatically. You can place them in preferable rooms.

You can adopt these changes in your house without making major lifestyle changes. There are many power-saving innovations that you can use in your household to save energy. Even the simplest things like changing a bulb or turning off a switch can save you a substantial amount on your utility bill. Being aware of your consumption habits is beneficial in the long run. Start applying these tips every month and save money off your utility bill!

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