KBB Bras Basah Moneylender

Singaporean Man happy his personal loan from 5 stars Licensed Money Lender Singapore Review has got fast approval and receive the cash loan.

Bras Basah Singapore

Bras Basah is a bustling place filled with food and touristy spots. You can be sure to find many unique things that you do not find in heartland malls. Bras Basah is also filled with people from all walks of life visiting it to enjoy the food. 

However, if you are looking for a money lender near Bras Basah, you may have to venture it out a little. KBB Credit SD Pte Ltd will be able to assist you with your money needs.

KBB Credit is close to Bras Basah, located at City Hall, KBB Credit is conveniently located in the heart of Singapore. We are one of the most reliable licensed money lender near Bras Basah.

We comprehend the urgency that you are in when an emergency occurs. Furthermore, there are personal reasons involved in trying to get the money as soon as possible. Because the faster you manage to resolve your problem, the faster you feel better.

In any event, you require some cash for any possible reasons, for example, vacations or wedding. Possible even an upgrade to the latest gadget, home makeover, or even in an emergency concern. Just know that KBB Credit is here to provide you with the right loan package. And this is done at a low interest rate that is highly competitive. 

Advantages of a loan with us: 

  1. Low interest charge with low monthly repayment. 
  2. Loan package to suit what you is affordable for you on a monthly basis. 
  3. Easily understandable loan contact with a loan consultant to explain everything to you. 

While trying to figure out what is right for you, we have also included some tips for you on how to reach financial freedom. 

Advice to help you reach financial freedom.

Reduce your credit cards and keep only one card for emergency. Now that you are trying to get yourself out of debt and have begun saving money to pay it off, stick to your plan and quit building up more debt. This can be your next objective.

One credit card can be handy in the event of an emergency and having a single credit card is usually still manageable. But if you are in debt with more than one credit card, in addition to other kinds of debt like a car loan, mortgage, etc., you will have times when you feel that you are drowning in it.

Select one credit card to maintain and reduce up the rest. If you don’t believe yourself enough lock up the one card, you have in your drawer at home to make sure you never use it for shopping. Control yourself not to put it to use unless in an emergency. Remember: you want to get out of debt, not accumulate it!

To reach us 

If you find that you have questions for us, you can contact us via our contact form

Another method you can find us is calling us at +65 6255 6998 or email us at enquiry@kbbcredit.sg.

You can also visit our office at 111 North Bridge Road #01-35 Peninsula Plaza Singapore 179098. We are able to provide you a free consult. Yup, you read that right, it is a free consult! We will not insist you take on a loan. In fact, we prefer that you take the time to consider if you actually even need a loan. 

Ministry of Law – List of Licensed Money Lenders

If you are looking for the full list of licensed money lenders, you can do so here. Even if you are not taking a loan with us, we hope that if you take a loan, it is with a licensed money lender. In order to verify that the company you have approach is a licensed company, you should check on the list. 

Ministry of Law provides a full list of licensed money lender every month. This helps you to ensure that any money lender you go to is approved by the ministry. If you do not find the company on the list, then you can be sure that it is not licensed to operate as a money lender.