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Singaporean Man happy his personal loan from 5 stars Licensed Money Lender Singapore Review has got fast approval and receive the cash loan.

Tanjong Pagar

Tanjong Pagar is littered with hip cafes and many delicious hidden food. You can find korean food, japanese food and even italian food here. In addition to that, there are many studio yoga and cycling studios in the area. You will be able to find many ladies, including males, flowing in and out of the studios. 

If you are looking for a licensed money lender nearby, consider going to City Hall. Why City Hall? Because we are located there! KBB Credit SD Pte Ltd is one of the best licensed money lenders in Singapore. 

How can our loans help you? 

KBB Credit is here to provide you with instant cash. You will be able to access to credit within an hour or less. This allows you to solve any immediate cash problems that you have on hand.

Furthermore, a loan is not only for emergency purposes. There are people who take a loan for investment or make big purchases. Due to the current market situation, investments are a way for you to make some side income. When the market is down, you may wish to enter, but you do not have the money. As such, our fast cash facilities will be able to help you with that. 

Advantages of our loan

  1. Interest charged on our loan ranges from 1% to up to 4%. Your credit health will be able to determine what is the percentage you will be able to loan at. 
  2. Any amount you are looking for, we will be able to assist you. However, please note that for personal loans, it is capped by the law. To find out how much you are able to loan, you can visit this link
  3. Monthly instalment plans available for you. It is also customised to ensure that you are able to make the monthly repayment. 
  4. Transparent and easily understandable terms and conditions. You will be able to understand every page of the contract as it is in an easily understandable language. 
  5. Friendly loan consultant who will not only assist you through the loan process but also provide you with additional financial advice. 

Types of loan available

  1. Personal Loan – Personal loan can be used for anything that you are looking to get or do. For example, renovation, vacation, bills and even a wedding. 
  2. Payday Loan – Payday loan exist to help you in the event that you run out of money before you get your salary. If you only require the loan for a week, the interest is only charged for a week. You will not be paying for anything more than that! 
  3. Business Loan – Business loan can help you expand your business. This means you may be able to come up with a new product line. Which can generate more sales and revenue. In addition, if you are having short term cash flow issues, a short term business loan can help you with that. 
  4. Debt Consolidation Loan – Consolidation loan helps you to combine all your outstanding debts into one. In doing so, you can then focus on only one loan. This helps to relief some of the 

Create Passive Income to Achieve Financial Freedom

Now you have paid off your debt, taken up a side job and saved money for investing. Your next important step to financial freedom is creating passive income.

Passive income is income which requires little or no work at all. Although it is possible to attain freedom just by saving, it will take decades to accumulate wealth. Some people never even make it there. By creating a passive income, you will be able to speed up your debt elimination and retirement process. On top of that, you can also attain financial freedom at a much faster rate.

The most powerful way to create passive income is by having your own small business or home-based business. This type of business does not require a lot of capital.

Reach us through the following ways

Any questions that you have regarding taking a loan or licensed money lender, you can call us at +65 6255 6998. Alternatively, you can also email us at enquiry@kbbcredit.sg.

Our office is located at 111 North Bridge Road #01-35 Peninsula Plaza Singapore 179098. The nearest MRT station is City Hall Exit B. We are just a mere 5 minutes walk away from the MRT Station. 

You will be able to see our office even before crossing the road. We are facing the main road. That means you do not have to enter Peninsula Plaza Building.