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Singapore Queenstown is a well planning resident area situated in the south-westernmost fringe the Central Region of Singapore.

Queenstown MRT Station (EW19) bring a lot of convenient to the resident around. However, in case you looking for financial help just proceed to Best Licensed Moneylender in Queenstown.

Queenstown money lender

There are several things can lower your credit score

1.   Co-signing a Credit

If you are planning to co-sign a mortgage, loan, or credit card with your family member or friend, wait and reconsider it. Whenever you co-sign with your good credit to help out family or friends with less-than-perfect credit, you take on responsibility for their debt as well. If they can’t pay, you’ll have to pay the loan or credit card bills. And if you are unable to pay this credit, you know what will happen – it will lower your individual credit score.

2.   Applying for Several Credits

Whether you apply for a mortgage, loan, or a new credit card, a hard credit inquiry is made on your account. Every hard inquiry affects your credit score, even when you don’t get approved. Making several credit applications within a short duration will cause your credit score to drop. Therefore, always keep applications to a minimum. The same rule applies to when you try to increase your credit card limit or a top-up on your existing loan. Therefore, try avoiding these additional credits as well.

3.   Renting a Car Without a Credit Card

Renting a car without a credit card in Singapore is tough. The rental company will ask for a security deposit, extra documentation to prove who you are, and will even run your credit history. As mentioned above, every credit history check will damage your credit score, especially if you rent without a credit card often. Therefore, consider renting a car only if you have a credit card.

KBB Credit Licensed Money Lender

KBB Credit Money Lender is the Top Reviewed Queenstown Moneylender which can offer you the competitive loan package. We are starting the money lending business since the year 2010. Often, our skillful staff will customize the best loan package to borrower base on your capacity.

Welcome to visit our office at 111 North Bridge Road #01-35 Peninsula Plaza Singapore 179098Call +65 6255 6998 to ask your doubt. or send a query to enquiry@kbbcredit.sg

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