Shenton Way Moneylender

Best Licensed Moneylender nearby Shenton Way – KBB Credit Licensed Money Lender. Ministry of Law is endorsed to KBB Credit operated as a licensed money lender in Singapore. Since the year 2010, we are helping thousands of borrowers to solve their immediate problems.

Shenton Way Moneylender

Why KBB Credit is good for you

  1. Lowest interest personal loan in Singapore
  2. Adjustable loan types to meet different people personal’s dreams.
  3. Flexible monthly repayment plans that fit one’s affordable capacity.
  4. Personal loans composed with easy to understand repayment terms.
  5. The responsible staff treat everyone with sincere, explains the terms in the loan contract in detail.

KBB Credit Moneylender Services

  1. Personal Loan is developed to meet your personal needs, such as money required for a house refurbished, course fees, repayments of master cards.
  2. Payday Loan is to designed for you when there are immediate unexpected expenses before your salary credited to your bank.
  3. Bridging loan is a short-term loan for you to upgrading your property, e.g. you are in the process of selling your HDB flat or private property.
  4. Business Loan is designed for Singapore entrepreneurs who fresh to setting up a new business or developing an existing business.

There are several hacks for first-time investors

1.   Diversify Your Investments

There’s no such rule that you can only invest in one type. If different investment options attract you and you feel they will provide a lot of benefits in the long run, you can invest in multiple places. You can invest in insurance policies as well as shares at the same time. Investing in different places at a time is commonly known as diversifying your investments or investment portfolio. Diversifying your investment portfolio also reduces your risk. Suppose you invested a big sum in share “A” and its value depreciates considerably within a month. You wait for months but there’s no elevation in the value. In such a case, you will end up facing huge losses. But if you invest 20% of your money in five different places each, and only one of them faces a dip, you will only lose that 20%. You may gain profits from the other four investments. Hence, diversifying even the limited money you have is a smart move.

2.   Invest Only If You Understand

One of the most common mistakes new investors make is getting persuaded by their friends or relatives and jumping into the well of investments. Suppose you have a friend who is an insurance agent and is trying to sell an insurance plan to you. Your friend might be doing this to meet his or her yearly targets. They may stress the benefits of a plan or even lie about those benefits just to sell a policy. Don’t fall for this, and buy an insurance policy only if you understand the conditions and benefits well. If you think that it will benefit you significantly, only then opt for it. Likewise, if all your friends are investing in shares or stocks, there’s no compulsion for you to do the same if it doesn’t suit your purpose. Invest in something that interests you, meets your expectations, and something that you thoroughly understand.

To find KBB Credit Licensed Moneylender

In case, you have any questions, can contact us via our contact form, reach us at +65 6255 6998 or email us at Head down to our office today! Office Address: 111 North Bridge Road #01-35 Peninsula Plaza Singapore 179098.

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