Types of Loans

Loans available (Standard)


Other than the standard types of loans, we also provide customised loans. This means that any need that you have, let us know and we will work out a plan just for you. Loan terms, loan schedule and even monthly amount to pay can be customise. Our customers still choose to stick to us because they know that they have flexibility with us.


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Payment Schedule

There are a few types of payment schedule available for you to choose from.

  1. Monthly repayment – This means that you will only pay once a month for your entire loan. It can range from 1 month to 24 months!
  2. Payday repayment – This means that you will pay the full loan when you receive your salary. For example, you took the loan on 1st of the month and your salary is on 24th. This will result in you paying for 24 days of interest instead of full 30 days. Allowing you to save some money!
  3. Weekly repayment – This payment form requires you to make payment on a weekly basis. A weekly payment loan tends to result in lower interest. This is because reducing interest will mean that you interest per week reduces faster as compared to monthly repayment loans. However! Please ensure that you receive your salary on a weekly basis to ensure that you are able to handle this. Do remember that late charges will apply if you are late for payment.
  4. Bi-weekly repayment – Bi-weekly is slightly different from weekly because it requires you to make payment every 2 weeks instead of a weekly basis.


Consider carefully before you decide on which type of repayment type you will go with. Remember to think carefully on when you get your salary and how often you receive it.

Interest Rate

The interest rate according to the law is at a maximum of 4%. This means that the interest cannot be higher than 4% per month. Remember to compare with different lenders before deciding on which lender to go with.


We provide loans ranging from 1% to 3.92%. Over the years, for customers with a good profile and/or credit history with us, we have provided loans at cheaper rates.


KBB Credit

Call us at 6255 6998 if you have any questions. All our loan consultants are experienced enough to provide you with advice. 101% no obligations phone call. That means that if you decide not to take the loan with us, it is alright.

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