Medical Loan

What is a medical loan?

Medical loans are personal loans that are taken out to cover medical costs like elective surgeries, IVF treatments, and emergency procedures.

Medical loans are unsecured, and don’t require a co-signer. However, they are best suited for those with good credit scores and/or who can get a good interest rate.

If your credit score is not high, you can explore a secured medical loan. Instead of collateralizing the loan with property, it is secured with an interest rate and time frame.

How medical loans can help you?

Medical loans provide benefits like not having to drain your emergency savings or take on credit card debt.

Variety of loan terms:

We offer a variety of terms from 36 to 60 months, which offers flexibility to the borrower.

Fast Cash:

Patients can quickly access financial assistance through medical and personal loans. Medical loans may be the only way to access critical care, including cosmetic care, because some providers cannot accept payment on a patient basis. Quick loans can be acquired within days, so recipients can obtain needed funds with little to no delay.

*terms and conditions apply

Is a medical loan the best option for you?

A loan may be a good idea for those with a good credit history who can qualify for the best interest rates and terms. It may be worthwhile for someone who wants to use the money for a variety of needs, such as travel or other expenses related to treatment and recovery.

When you need treatment immediately and do not have adequate insurance, consider a loan. This gives you medical care as soon as possible and eliminates the need to delay care, which is important when it is life-threatening.