Ultimate Neighbourhood Guide in Singapore

Ultimate Neighbourhood Guide in Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful country with many people residing here. People from various parts of the world come and reside here. The country of Singapore has various beautiful locations that people visit and choose to reside in. If you are among the people who want to live in Singapore, then this blog is for you. As we have stated before, there are many neighbourhoods in Singapore. People may have the common confusion of where to stay. So in the blog, we are providing you guidance of the different neighbourhood in Singapore. With this guide, you will be able to choose a suitable location in Singapore.

China Town

China Town is one of the most bustling neighbourhoods of Singapore. It is a Chinese ethnic area and represents Chinese culture. You will find many hawker centres, and then there are tourist attractions like temples. One can also get to see the best culture here and can get amazing souvenirs. China Town also has many famous places of worshiping in the neighbourhood. There are a lot of facilities available in the vicinity, especially near the Outram Park train station; many government agencies have their offices in this particular area. There are many backpacker hostels and hotels available in China Town, and also there is a wide choice for condominiums.

Little India

Little India is another ethnic neighbourhood of Singapore. It is situated by the Serangoon River. In old times many Hindu migrants arrived there and settled, but now it is not just Hindu centric; you will get to see a lot of cultures along with that. The place of Little India is filled with vibrant colors of the buildings. And you will see a lot of different religions and cultures here. Also, you will find many other Indian things like food, accessories, clothing, restaurants and many more. For shopping, you can rely on the Mustafa Center, which provides 24-hour services. Residential apartments, condominiums, rental apartments and many other options are available for you to reside at Little India.

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is very much famous in Singapore for its nightlife. It feels like a different place in the night time. The neighbourhood is in proximity to Fort Canning Park and Singaporean River, and this makes the Clarke Quay look more pleasing to the eyes. The neighbourhood back in the 1800’s was well-known amongst the European and Chinese merchants for trading because it had easy access to the Singapore River. But now, the neighbourhood is famous for entertainment spots, retail shops and restaurants. Residence in this neighbourhood majorly consists of condominiums. And no matter what, the condominiums are high in demand because the buildings guarantee a stunning view of Clarke Quay. There are also options available for service rental apartments.

Marina Bay

Marina Bay was initially a dock where ships used to come and go from the Singapore River. But as time changed, the Marina Bay transformed from a simple dock to an attraction landmark in Singapore. Now Marina Bay has one of the best landmarks that have worldwide recognition. Marina Bay is one of the luxurious neighbourhoods of Singapore. Many have the dream of living in this area. The neighbourhood has a lot of options for a residence like condominiums that are touching the sky and shining bright. The accommodations in this neighbourhood are for lavish living. So those of you have a high budget and are looking for a luxury living in Singapore, then this is the perfect place for you.

Tiong Bahru

This neighbourhood has the oldest estate establishment. The housing estate was established in this area in the 1920s. Many places of Tiong Bahru that dated older than World War II are still preserved for conservation. The place dates back, but you will be surprised to know that Tiong Bahru is the coolest place in Singapore. The neighbourhood is filled with hipsters. You will enjoy the neighbourhood as trendy cafes, restaurants, retail stores, hawker centres, and street arts fill the atmosphere. It is also an amazing place for families to live in. You will be able to get various condominiums, shop flats and shophouses in this area. Also, the best establishment is the 20 blocks of pre World War II flats that are still preserved by the government for conservation. The old history and modern-day development exist here hand-in-hand, so this can be a beautiful place to live.


Katong is one of the best places to live in Singapore. People who are expats and want to know more about the Singapore way of living can choose to stay here. Katong has a local way of lifestyle. It is located in the East region of Singapore. Katong is considered to be a vibrant and colorful neighbourhood of Singapore. There are various shops, restaurants, and hipster cafes that you will get to see in this neighbourhood. There are plenty of amenities that are available in Katong, and an individual can access them easily. The vicinity also has several large malls. There are options available for you to reside in the vicinity of Katong. Firstly, the area is an epicentre of condominiums, and there are many condominiums available to get your hands on. And others are shophouses, which are also famous in Katong.

This guide will eventually help you to get the best place for your living in Singapore. You can opt for the neighbourhood that best suits your necessities. So if you are a citizen or an expat, refer this guide to choose the best for you.


Ultimate Neighbourhood in Singapore

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